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Freesia Chemicals ESTD. 2002, specializes in developing custom chemical compounds catering to the ever-growing chemical and pharma industry needs. Freesia boasts veteren founders with over 4 decades of collective experience, massive infrastructure, timely diversification and a team of dedicated professionals committed to delivering quality product, service and customer experience.

All these strengths put together, enable us to become India's largest manufacturer and supplier of Cyclopentanone and its derivatives; delivering a whooping 600 Metric Ton product per annum.

Reaction Capabilities

⚗️ Chlorination
⚗️ Condensation
⚗️ Cyclization
⚗️ Bromination
⚗️ Friedel-Craft
⚗️ Grignard

Manufacturing Plant

Located in Ambernath MIDC., near Mumbai city (the commercial capital of India), Freesia's plant is ISO 9001:2015 & Kosher certified, where production, R&D, quality control and quality assurance takes place.

Stocked with:

⚗️ Production block holding 24 reactors with min. 0.5 KL & max. 5 KL capacity.
⚗️ Glass lined reactors with 0.25KL,1KL,3KL & 5KL capacities.
⚗️ Distillation columns (300MM in diameter and 5M in height).
⚗️ Process development lab.
⚗️ Warehouse for raw material storage.
⚗️ Fire hydrant system, fire extinguishers & alarms, smoke alarms, etc.
⚗️ Effluent treatment facility (Primary Treatment).

Utility equipments:

⚗️ Boilers (600 kg capacity).
⚗️ Themopack (400 kcal).
⚗️ High vacuum set up with water jet.
⚗️ High vacuum set up with steam jet.
⚗️ Cooling Tower (350 TR capacity).
⚗️ Cooling Tower (250 TR capacity).
⚗️ Chilling Plant (70 TR capacity.)
⚗️ Chilling Plant (44 TR capacity).
⚗️ Multi stage scrubbing system.

Continual innovations transpire in the Process Development lab where new products are developed and scaled up, to study the chemical kinetics and relative parameters for practical commercialization in our plant.

Quality checks are administered at every node of the manufacturing line by conducting self-audits, internal facility audits, and QA compliance audits.

Being a member of the Common Effluent Treatment Plant, Freesia has contributed and proposed significant investments in controlling waste pollution. Freesia integrates a biological plant for treating wastewater and recycling it for gardening purposes, ensuring minimum waste pollution.

If interested in buying our products or want to know more, please go to our contact page (here) to get in contact with us.